adn challenge strapline

Words from the Warrior

The Sandhill Warrior, aka Rob Rowland-Smith tells you how to fine-tune your training from “She’ll be right,” to “Write my name on a trophy":

"OK Challengers, we’re four weeks out from the AdNews Challenge. Now it’s time to consolidate. 

"If you haven’t been training, you know what you have to do after work tonight.

"[James, excuses are the nails that build the house of failure.]


"Alright let’s go through the event. First the water events, SUP and kayaking.  You should be easing up on the weights and concentrating more on body weight exercises such as your chin ups, your push ups, dips and lots of stomach work. 

"If you’re getting out on the water (of course you are), reduce the distance now that you are paddling. In other words, work on speed intervals rather than endurance. 

"With your swimming, start to taper off in the pool. It’s time now to do more interval training. Forget the long stuff, that base has already been done. 

"Hasn’t it?

"Work on your speed. The swim leg in the AdNews Challenge is short. Yes, Challengers, 1km is short.


"Start practising sets of 150m. For example, a program could consist of a 200m warm up, then line your self up to do 8 x 150m intervals with a 60 sec recovery between each. That’s going to give you the ability to power through the water very quickly, be able to get out in front of the pack and stay there so you get a good finish in. 

"With your running training now, you should have done all your work on the stairs and on the hills. Now it’s time for some speed work. On a bit of flat ground, mark out a 200m, 300m and a 400m track. After a good warm up with plenty of stretching, do 5 x 400m then 5 x 300m, then 5 x 200m with a jog recovery between each. Convert that strength that you’ve built up into speed. Running 200m, 300m and 400m as fast as you can with a short recovery will get you able to move your legs quickly on race day.

"It’s time to drop the heavy weights for now. Start to concentrate more now on lighter weights and higher repetition. Do lots of kettle bell and body weight work. For your lat pull downs and bench presses, for example, drop the lat weight by 25% and do sets of 15 with 10 repetitions. Do 3 x 10 sets of bench presses. 

"[James, you can keep yourself chained to that piece of equipment!]

"And James, most importantly mate, get training in earnest. That will help get you over the line. You can’t give me excuses, “it’s wet, windy or hot.” Man up."