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Warrior Training: get ready to kayak

You had probably mastered the basics of running by the age of two. By three, most of you could run down a supermarket aisle to get a Kinder Surprise, run across the lawn to lodge bindiis in your feet, run around a swimming pool and fall in, run out onto a road without looking...

...and run into all sorts of trouble, which your parents have filmed and/or photgraphed for blackmail purposes - in case you ever use the term, aged care, in a sentence that includes them.

The point is that it took you two to three years to run without going arse over tit. Kayak Challengers, when you watch the Warrior's kayaking training video (and you should), pay attention to his "and also".


It is, "get into a kayak and onto the water before Challenge day." We will be filming and/or photgraphing the kayak leg.