adn challenge strapline

Warrior's (last) words

The AdNews Challenge is just two weeks away. Don’t be afraid. Be ready. Read Rob Rowland-Smith’s tips the last leg of training:


“Here’s a little tip about the swim leg as we’re wrapping up our preparation for the AdNews Challenge. Try to get out of the pool and swim in the ocean. Swimming in the ocean can be a REAL challenge.

One, you are dealing with currents. Two, the temperature of the water can fluctuate. Three, the tide is a constant challenge. 

So, you need to get out of the pool and get into many of Sydney’s many ocean pools. Or, head to the beach and swim in the open water. Open water swimming requires you to elevate your head a little bit more than normal, turn your head higher to the side to avoid the chop as you’re breathing. And above all, use the upper body to ensure with a nice, steady leg kick. Having said all of that, this swim leg presents a really good challenge. 

Note again: Swimming in the ocean is very different to swimming up and down lanes in your local pool.

James, take particular note: You need some upper body strength - something you need to develop in the next 10 days!

Now to all competitors, it's time to taper down for the big event on the 15th November. These are my suggestions to all of you who are competing, whether in a team or as an individual:

1.   Cut your work down by 50%.

2.   Finalise and taper your training by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Now that doesn’t stop you exercising completely. Just go for a light jog, light paddle or a loosen-up swim the day before.

3.   When it comes to diet, start to be really specific. The AdNews Challenge is what it says - a real challenge. It’s going to take a lot of you out of your comfort zones. So, 2 - 3 days beforehand, start to hydrate. Who knows what the weather is going to do at this time of year? Drink plenty of water.

James, that doesn’t mean brown Gatorade at your local. What it means is plenty of water.

4.   Cut down on your protein at the back end of the week and start to load up on carbohydrates. I suggest that for for 36 hours before event day, have pasta or a little more bread and potatoes than you would normally eat. It will give you that level of glycogen inside your body that you are going to burn as fuel during the legs of the AdNews Challenge

5.   Obviously, you are going to need plenty of sleep.

6.   You will also need to have a good stretch the evening before and the morning of the even.

7.   Cut down on the caffeine and get yourself there nice and early well before your wave start.

8.   Go for a loosen up jog when you arrive.

You’ll then be ready to meet me, the Sandhill Warrior, as I line you up to start the AdNews Challenge of 2015. Best of luck to everyone. And above all, let’s enjoy the day.

Team Warrior to win!!!