adn challenge strapline

The Sandhill Warrior's Top Ten Tips to prepare for the challenge

The Sandhill Warrior is a honed machine, the physical embodiment of 'can do'. No is not an option. You can read more motivational Warriorisms here. But here here's what he's got to say for those wavering and uncommitted:

Get a can of toughen up into you and have a go. No excuses for not entering the Challenge. “Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure.”

Here are my Top Ten Tips for the last 3 weeks before the event…

  1. If you haven’t already, commit and sign up! Lose those lame excuses of; “we’ll see, I might have something on, it’ll probably be too hot…” Nup, they don’t wash. Go right now and commit… Well, go on, do it right now online!
  2. Get a couple of sessions on some bushy trails – just to get used to running on an uneven surface. It does require a different sort of running.
  3. Get a few rides under your belt – if possible on a dirt trail.
  4. Get some swimming done - best thing to do here is a little ‘changeovers’ set. Next time you’re down at the beach, set yourself a run course and a swim course. Then alternate between the two courses, three times. Great workout – it gets your body used to the feeling of using lower body then upper body.
  5. If you haven’t got a kayak, borrow of hire one and make sure you can sit on it without falling in, or paddling with your legs over the side! Highly recommended for those of you that don’t paddle regularly – word of warning, it’s not as easy as it seems!
  6. Sort out your hydration. With the heat we’ve been having lately, you’ll need to be hydrating during the race. Practise taking water on board when you train.
  7. Sort out your equipment – appropriate clothing and footwear, a bike with seat and handlebars at the correct height, a helmet that has been adjusted correctly, speedos, cap, goggles, water bottle.
  8. Lighten up your training the weekend of the race – don’t do nothing, but don’t go tackling Awaba St three times the day before.
  9. Crack open that can of toughen up the morning of the race.
  10. Practice smiling while you train – this is a fun event and you’re raising money for a great cause!