adn challenge strapline

It all starts with abs

Heath Byron Keating has made himself rather more famous at Sydney Dance Company for his (evil) abs routine than his SYTYCD 3 Top 10 performances. Even more than this one:

Feel free to use Heath’s abs routine (below) in your training programme for the AdNews Challenge. Remember, once through is a warm up. Twice is training. And twice six times a week until The Challenge is a toning programme.

And just in case you need to do a bit more...

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Here are some extra abs tips:

  1. Sit-ups are meant to look like a see-saw tilting up and down, not a mattress folding over. Watch a spot on the ceiling to start and keep your gaze way above your eyeline throughout. Think about using your stomach to lift you, not your back.
  2. At the top of every sit up you ever do twist slightly to the left or right (alternating). Because you want that gorgeous ridge down each side of your abs, don’t you?
  3. Heath doesn’t have that nasty little bulge below his belly button. Here are some extra exercises for that: 
  • Lie on your back, hands by your side, palms facing the floor. Wedge your hands under you butt cheeks. Lift your head just off the floor (you can, in fact, rest it on a cushion). Fold your legs so your knees come to your chest then straighten so that your feet are just off the floor. Repeat five times longer than you think you can. Increase that by five times every week until Challenge day.
  • From the same position as above, keep your legs straight but raise them just off the floor. Scissor your feet, left over right then right over left in rapid succession (for a whole song if you can. If not, that’s your aim.) Repeat, but rather than scissoring your feet, do tiny controlled kicks, like you would on a kickboard - just off the floor.
  • Put your head on the floor and raise your legs to vertical. Lift your bum a few centimetres off the floor and lower. Don’t use your butt. Find the muscles above your pubic bone and use them.