adn challenge strapline


Sadly, it came to an end. But after all, we'd been playing for an hour. By Candide McDonald.

The Sandhill Warrior tells you how to fine-tune your training from “She’ll be right,” to “Write my name on a trophy."

Your heart starts to pump hard. Your muscles turn up to high. You wait for your moment. Bull rush!!!

A collection of excuses from all the corners of the world.

AdNews addendum: or be the star of this year's funniest Challenge fails.

Be the Challenge entertainment (falls are funny), or watch the Sandhill Warrior's training video.

The kayak Challenge is great fun to watch. Please don't practise. Please don't read our tips.

Get ready to SUP. When you build a killer core you get a six pack as a bonus.

You can try to go from nought to 100% in 30 seconds but you’ll disappoint yourself. A proper warm-up is really good for your ego.

If you really want to nail the Challenge, Holly Headrick’s weekly training routine is what it takes. If you can’t do what a dancer does, you’re pretty soft, right?

Everyone hates abs exercises. Tough. Strong abs are essential to nailing every one of the four Challenge legs.

We promise cheating won’t work, but millions of people thought these might...

Our spy, Chris Freel, tells a few secrets and issues a challenge of his own. [Pay attention, Sharb]

You'd expect that the challenge of the kayak leg is staying upright. It's not.

The Sandhill Warrior is a honed machine, the physical embodiment of 'can do'. No is not an option. Need motivation and some help? Here's his top ten tips to stay the course.