adn challenge strapline


“It’s not the winning that matters it’s the taking part that counts." Bollocks to that! By MCN’s Emily Young.

Amobee's Nigel Kwan has a message: "In life you regret the things you don’t do rather than the things you do do.” - Anon.

Holly Headrick is a woman with power. If you don’t think her power is sexy, please check that you have a pulse.

A good mood is an energy boost with no nasty side effects. So there are four secrets to a good mood inside.

Candide can do anything. Great mantra. Of course it's not quite true.

Gosh it’s tough conquering life, work and an hour a week of team training, isn’t it? Here’s what some other athletes have had to conquer...

AdNews Challenge newbie, ESPN DIGITAL, wants you to know it's fielding a dream team. Account director, Tom Hosking, is carrying the banner, "No regrets. No excuses. Just do it!"

SUPBall, SUP Yoga, SUP Surf, Sup Time Trials or SUP Tour your way to conquering the AdNews SUP Challlenge. Here’s what’s on where in Sydney…

Everyone has thought, "I can't do this."

Everything you didn't know and probably don't need to if you're signing up for the swim leg of the Challenge. Really good for trivia nights though.

Get kneaded, dug into, pounded and pulled apart.

How tough will it be to beat the ESPN DIGITAL team? Meet head of sales, Nik Weber. He surfs every day, but thinks he might not make the cut.

Do that. Don't waste your time training, use your time training well.

The Oscar Mayer P3 Chicken with carameised sugars, Cheddar & Dry Roasted Peanuts Portable Protein Pack is not the joke. This is the joke…