adn challenge strapline

Whatever gets you out of bed

A lot of guff gets shared about good and bad exercising. Here’s some more, but at least it’s really simple to follow and hard to break.

1.   If you hate it, ditch it. That doesn’t mean do nothing. It means do something else.

Do whatever gets you out bed, away from your computer or off the couch…because you’re excited about doing it.


If you train like a dog with hate in your head, you’re pumping stress hormones through your body. One of the key benefits of exercise is removing stress hormones from your body. In and out = zero. Yes, that’s a simplistic way of looking at the stress hormone thing. But try this experiment anyway: Do something you hate and notice how you feel after. Then do something you love. Did you feel like this?


2. If you train like a dog the same way, week in and week out, you’re teaching your body to get used to the effort. Bodies are very clever things. Their purpose is to keep you alive, not keep you pretty. They work out how to handle extra workloads efficiently. Getting good at something tends to mean that your body has adapted to cope. That’s good for your ego – you’ll look effort- free because you are. Trouble is, effort and benefit go hand in hand. 

The world’s top athletes know that. That's one reason why they're the world's top athletes.

  • In May 2014, the NFL’s Dalllas Cowboys installed ballet barres outside the locker room at three different heights so that players could do what it takes to stay on the field. Pittsburgh Steeler, Steve McLendon, has been doing ballet since his senior year at college. He weighs 145 kgs. This is Steve McLendon:
  • Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James and the New Zealand All Blacks do yoga. 
  • It may not be wildly outside the square that Olympic snowboarder, Mark McMorris, rides a surfboard, but so too do world’s no 12 golfer, Adam Scott and NBA superstar Blake Griffin. Reni Maitua and John Sutton are not only surfers, but Bra Boys.
  • Michael Phelps plays golf.
  • Serena Williams does this. 

3.   “You are the sum of all your training.” [With thanks to Droga5 New York and Under Armour] In other words, practice makes perfect. There are a few days less than three months to the Challenge. Get training started now.