adn challenge strapline

So you think you're hot

We've spent the last two months getting you ready to compete in the AdNews Challenge's four legs - swim, SUP, kayak and run.

If you're smart, you've been training. Haven't you?

And even if you don't win anything on Challenge day, if you've been showing off what you can do on Facebook or Instagram you might get a pat on the back, this week next year.


But Challenge day isn't all about nerves, sweat and showing your workmates what you look like in next to no clothes. (Of course, if you're not competing, the latter is still a really fun an option.)

The Challenge is also about supporting your team, supporting your company...

...getting to know the bastard who beat you to the new business you wanted. Finding out she's rather nice. Meeting the boss of your dreams. Replacing him.

So, if you've signed up and you think you're hot, make sure everyone else thinks you are too. Get your cheer squad together and bring them along. And if you haven't signed up and you think you're hot, get a cheer squad together and come along. Cheer for your team/s. Cheer for our teams. Cheer for your cheer squad, we don't mind. 


Thank you to the AdNews Challenge support team at Sydney Dance Company classes. You've been spectacular again this year.

Challengers, see you on the 15th.