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#PurpleWellness takes over Mindshare

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It’s a regular Thursday morning and the good news is? I don’t need to be at work until 10am! What’s the catch? My choices are - enjoy a refreshing swim down at Balmoral, go for a jog across the Harbor Bridge or relax with a yoga session at the park. This is our Purple Wellness...

by Raymond Ly, media executive, Mindshare.

What is Purple Wellness you ask? At Mindshare we have a belief that it’s not all about being fit and “shredded for summer” but about focusing on our overall state of well-being. We live and breathe the concept of creating balance in your life - Mind, Body and Spirit. Outside of looking after the physical body, we believe our spiritual and mental health play a big part in our total wellbeing make-up.

Looking after these three elements 365 days a year through Purple Wellness helps the team to be at their peak for both work and play. And let’s face it – what’s life without a bit of play? 

Some of our favourite ways to incorporate our purple wellness into the working week are:

  • Lunch Time activities (Body):  Jumping into teams competing in the local lunch comp/PT Sessions running all year around. Netball, PT lunch sessions or basketball, take your pick -  the aim is to encourage people to get out of the office, get moving and have some fun.


  • Purple / Wellness Hour (Spirit): This can either be an hour where different teams host a fun social hour where the agency can celebrate the month that has been and have all out fun with it, or an hour where inspirational speakers/nutritional gurus coming to the ‘Share. Or even giving the hour back to Mindsharian’s to do what makes them feel happy.


  • Buddies for life (Mind): We know how hard it is to start a new job and not know anyone. To keep the butterflies at bay, we buddy up every new starter with someone (from a different team or department) in the agency. The aim is to make sure they have a friendly face to show them around, talk to and make their new beginning less daunting.


The Ad News Challenge is an event every Mindsharian looks forward to each year as it has so many elements we love. Not only is it an opportunity to show our support for our fantastic chosen charity UnLtd., it’s a chance to enjoy a great morning of activities and have a bit of fun in the sun. What wellness and the AdNews Challenge mean to Mindshare is best summed up by some of our own purple people: 

  • Brooke Swavley (employee and part time yoga instructor) on Purple Wellness: “Being aware and responsible for the fact we need a good work life balance in order to show up and be the best we can each day.” 
  • Luke Carmichael (employee and AdNews Challenge veteran on the Challenge: “Camaraderie, competitiveness - it’s the epitome of being team and jolly good fun.”   
  • Joanna Rossi (employee and Purple Wellness co-chair) on Purple Wellness: “To be indispensable to our clients, we need to take care of ourselves, as a lot of people rely on us and our minds. To me, Purple Wellness encourages a good mental and physical work like balance that allows us to achieve greatness every day.”
  • Louise Blackwood (employee and AdNew Challenge veteran) on the Challenge: “It’s all about pushing your limits and “being team” with our wonderful purple people and industry counter parts. Plus it’s a lot of fun.”

As Purple Wellness warriors, we’re in full swing preparing to add some purple to this year’s AdNews Challenge!