adn challenge strapline

Is MCN the team to beat?

Emily Young, senior digital account manager MCN’s wants you all to know that "MCN will come out strong in this year’s AdNews Challenge." 

Want to know why? Emily does...

"A supposedly wise person once said, 'it’s not the winning that matters it’s the taking part that counts”…bollocks to that! That kind of attitude might sit well with the England Rugby team but not for MCN’s AdNews Challenge team!

Three out of the four original MCN team members are back from a less-than-ideal 2014 event, where a sinking kayak literally scuppered our chances of victory!

Suffice to say we have been training hard throughout the winter, we have a hunger to win and a belief that we will do so. On top of the seasoned veterans, our new recruit also participated last year... an individual. And is keen to cement his new allegiances on the SUP this year!

So with regards to training tips for everyone else…? Try this.


[message from the AdNews Challenge host: MCN, love your grit, but this (below) is not going to happen: ed]