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Get to know your ESPN DIGITAL Challenge rivals

So you're thinking that maybe you'll join the AdNews Challenge for a lark? How much do you care if you lose? Major sponsor, ESPN DIGITAL reckons it's building the Challenge Dream Team. Surfer, Nik Weber, thinks he might not be good enough.

Meet Nik Weber: head of sales at ESPN Digital

Nik Weber ESPN 

Favourite sport?

NFL and Rugby Union (I’m half American, half Australian so get to choose two).

How do you keep fit?

I spend most mornings with a few thousand of my closest friends surfing Bondi.

Number 1 sporting moment?

Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia Phillies) walk off vs the Dodgers, Game 4 of the National League Championship series in 2009.  The stadium shook for 20 minutes, it still gives me goosebumps.

Which event are you doing at the AdNews Challenge?

We’ve got a pretty impressive team on paper, so I’ll be lucky to get a call up!  But seriously, our Finance Manager (Kristy) has swum the English Channel… twice.

Inspirational quote?

All 4 minutes of Al Pacino’s “Game of Inches” speech in Any Given Sunday…

Who would win the AdNews Challenge out of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jarryd Hayne, LeBron James, Shane Warne and David Beckham?

It’d be pretty hard to go past the Hayne Plane, the man can do anything!  I’ve doubted him once this year and it cost me $100, I won’t make the same mistake again.

jarryd hayne us

If you could choose one athlete in the world to be in your AdNews Challenge team who would it be?

Ronda Rousey for pure intimidation factor.

ronda rousey

Why should everyone sign up to the AdNews Challenge?

Maybe your wife works at Bauer and you’d like to beat her at something for once… or maybe you’ve hired the Vice Captain of the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving club and you want to get value for money…