adn challenge strapline

"In life you regret the things you don’t do rather than the things you do do” - Anon.

That philosophy makes complete sense in theory, but in reality things aren’t that straight forward. The emotional rollercoaster of life often clouds our judgement.

Now this was my favourite statement up until 6 weeks ago, when my wife and I waved goodbye to our home in London and our dear family and friends for new life in Singapore. We were off on a big adventure, we felt exhilarated that our life could change so dramatically and so suddenly for the better, we looked at friends with a sense of pity that they weren’t doing the same, frankly we felt smug. Life was going to be AMAZING.

can i do this

Now I’m probably your average male, slightly emotionally stunted, with a gung-ho attitude, just eager to get stuck in and get amongst it, I thought what could possibly go wrong?  It was only when my answers to a workplace personality profiling questionnaire twice failed to categorise me into a neatly defined type and led to the consultant emailing me to ask  if I had been through a ‘major life event’,  I began to wonder how was I actually handling the move emotionally?

In this increasingly global world where technology increasingly makes distance meaningless, I never considered that I’d be affected by the move, who needs to see people when you can Whatsapp and Skype?  But it has been a complete reset of our lives - new country, new culture, new climate, new flat, new jobs, new everything and without our friends and family.  Now the holiday feeling has worn off, I’ve been asking myself if we made the right choice?

It’s natural to doubt and to question yourselves and your actions, it’s what makes us human. But for my wife and me, these feelings have been turned up to 11, to the point where we have been analysing and agonising over the smallest of things. In one particular instance that springs to mind, the lack of easy access to a salad sent us into an existential crisis of confidence resulting in much soul searching and hours on the laptop looking at flights back home. I’ve never had these emotions before, it was ridiculous but also kind of scary.

Deep down I’m sure we’ve made the right decision, and I do genuinely believe in life that you need to just go for it, without over-thinking things. Just because it’s hard and you may doubt yourself, remember that’s human nature, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision.  Stay committed and challenge the voice in your head. Face and relish the emotional rollercoaster, you may find you learn a bit about yourself on the way. Bring on the AdNews Challenge.