adn challenge strapline

Beat the B******s

Had enough teamwork, collaboration and cooperation? How does winning one of the ten AdNews Challenge’s Best Individual awards grab you?

Beat the pain-in-the-arse whose Executive of the Year trophy smirks at you from the desk beside yours. Beat the bugger who got the job you applied for. Beat the brat who sold just $1.2k more than you to win the company bonus.

Beat the voice in your head that says you can’t win The Challenge because you’re not a swimmer. 

Of course, if you’ve been waiting for a year to beat Best Creative Agency Team 2014, Digital Arts Network; Best Female Team 2014, MJW; or Best media buyer team 2014, Starcom MediaVest,we haven’t let you down. It’s just that this year, the AdNews Challenge has added eight new individual awards. 

So, even if you overturn your kayak, get lost on the run or sink instead of swimming, you might still go home with Best Individual Standup Paddler Female. Unless you’re a male (in which case, there’s Best Individual Standup Paddler Male). 

stand-up paddling

Oh yes, there’s also a new Challenge. Standup Paddling is this year’s fourth Challenge. Because SUP is the new “in” sport. And because watching ungraceful SUP falls is free-to-view branded entertainment we’re providing as an event bonus for you and the kids. Don’t forget that kids compete in the Kids Challenge for free if Mum or Dad is competing.

If you sign up for The Challenge now there are some heavyweight early bird discounts. Individuals can enter now for just $90 plus GST. 

This year, The Challenge’s major sponsor is ESPN DIGITAL. This is what ESPN DIGITAL marketing manager, John Webb, said about that, “ESPN DIGITAL is super excited to be the major sponsor of the AdNews Challenge in 2015. We're not just going to brand it up - we're going to help everyone get in shape for the event and summer! Get on board, organise your teams, sign up and get to one of our training sessions starting in October.”

You can guess what we said. The AdNews Challenge is more than “super excited” to have such serious sports cred. And yes, ESPN DIGITAL, really is going to help everyone get ready for The Challenge. Keep coming back here for ESPN’s tips and training info. 

Doing good, aka fundraising for UN LTD, stays on as that extra incentive to get out of bed early to train for the next three months. And there’s still that networking benefit. How many industry events let juniors meet and greet their next bosses while they’re only wearing swimmers? And if we haven’t yet convinced you to join the AdNews Challenge, our website and newsletters still have three months to get you there. Keep watching. 

The four AdNews Challenges are run, swim, kayak and SUP.


The AdNews Challenge awards (let’s call them carrots) are: 


  •              Best individual – male. 
  •              Best individual – female
  •              Kayak champion – male
  •              Kayak champion – female
  •              Swimming champion – male
  •              Swimming champion – female
  •              Paddleboard champion – male
  •              Paddleboard champion – female
  •              Running champion – male
  •              Running champion – female


  •              Best male team
  •              Best female team
  •              Best mixed team


  •              Best creative agency team
  •              Best media agency team
  •              Best media company team
  •              Best non-industry team 

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