adn challenge strapline


Mark Porter is hearing #SabotageTimsBoard. Tim Hosking is competing against him in the SUP leg.

While you’re thinking about whether or not you’re going to win fame (and a Challenge trophy) remember that you can also challenge the plight of 680,000 disadvantaged kids.

Do you have a cheerleading squad like ours?

Teamwork. It makes a content agency hum. This team roars to the Rocky theme song.

", I’m taking your father to the Park Hyatt for a dirty weekend. And you are taking your daughter to the Kids Challenge…"

Last chance to register for the AdNews Challenge. Challenge day is November 15.

The headline I’d planned in my head was ever so slightly different, but after a couple of tips from OZSup head, David Bell, James nailed his first go on a stand-up paddleboard.

"It’s a regular Thursday morning and the good news is? I don’t need to be at work until 10am! Of course, there's a catch..." by Raymond Ly.

O-oh, rivals! Fundraising for Un Ltd at Fairfax includes a Bake Off with three award categories and a raffle with Elton John as the prize…

Want to be able to do what Michael Boyd can do? The secret is in this story...

Cory To'o shows you what happens when your goal is to be awesome. Michael Jordan tells you how it happens.

"Four hours later, my body is telling me I need to pray that I will be able to move tomorrow. My head's saying next week I'll do it all over again." By Matthew Jackson.

"So, we’ve got a suggestion for a new award in the Challenge: Best Boss." - Team Fit as Folk. Find out why...

On Wednesday, Facebook sent an AdNews Challenge one year ago today post. That started something...

Marie Ettori does weights every day. She carries a 12kg baby to and from daycare.