AdNews Challenge




The AdNews Challenge is an industry fund-raising event with 100% of team fund-raising proceeds going to not-for-profit organisation UN LTD, founded by Kerry McCabe. Ten percent of all registration fees will also go directly to UN LTD.


UN LTD. Undoing youth disadvantage for good. Our collective power to undo is significant. Epic even.

Our Mission is to eliminate the consequences of youth disadvantage in Australia through harnessing the wealth, talent and influence of the advertising, marketing and media industry of Australia.

We believe that every young person in Australia deserves to be believed in, to have support and love, to be free to dream and realize their dreams. Bad circumstances and family environments have robbed thousands of young people of what we believe to be their birth rights.

The scope of the issue we are choosing to own is vast, from both a geographical and breadth of issues perspective. UN LTD gives hope and belief to young people through empowering organisations and individuals that provide services and programs that support disadvantaged young people.

UN LTD general manager Carol Morris said, “The AdNews Challenge was a huge success in 2012 with $100K raised for UN LTD. These funds were deployed to KidsXpress, supporting 40 young people in need through their intensive 3-month program designed for those who have suffered from trauma and physical and emotional abuse.

This year we would love to triple the amount raised and disperse it across UN LTD’s 2013 portfolio of great youth-focused not-for-profit organisations. That each team, and individual, will compete and have the opportunity to raise much needed funds for UN LTD adds to the competitive spirit and purpose of the event.”

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In addition to the teams and individual physical competition there is a fundraising competition in which teams register under 'AdNews Challenge' at as part of the event registration process.


Teams will complete with each other by sourcing sponsorship from within their own business and across clients, suppliers, friends and family.

Prizes will be awarded for the most successful fundraising by companies in the following sector;

• Creative agency teams

• Media buyer teams

• Digital agency teams

• PR agency teams

• Media agency teams

• Production teams

• Industry supplier teams

• Overall most funds raised - team


To begin team fundraising head to