AdNews Challenge




UN LTD Loves the AdNews Challenge!  It represents a rare chance for all in the industry to come together (outside of business and awards events), get fit and have the opportunity to help  vulnerable young Australians to feel safe, valued, heard and hopeful for an UN LTD future.
Please register your team to fund-raise by going to and contribute towards the event goal of $100,000.

100% of the fundraising proceeds,  plus 10% of the the AdNews Challenge registration fees will be distributed to UN LTD’s non-for-profit charity partners. These phenomenal organisations offer highly effective programs and services to help those who are most in need today. 

UN LTD's Mission is to eliminate the consequences of youth disadvantage in Australia through harnessing the wealth, talent and influence of the advertising, marketing and media industry of Australia.

We believe that every young person in Australia deserves to be believed in, to have support and love, to be free to dream and realise their dreams. Bad circumstances and family environments have robbed thousands of young people of what we believe to be their birth rights. 

The scope of the issue we are choosing to own is vast, from both a geographical and breadth of issues perspective. UN LTD gives hope and belief to young people through empowering organisations and individuals that provide services and programs that support disadvantaged young people.
Since 2007 UN LTD has raised over $8M, supported over 130,000 young people in need and has provided over $4.5M in additional support and industry resources to our charity partners. 

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